的 New Mexico Small Business Development Center Network (NMSBDC) was established in 1989 through a partnership with the US 中小企业管理局, 新墨西哥州, 新墨西哥州社区学院协会, 以及新墨西哥州独立社区学院协会. 的 NMSDC Network State Office is located on the campus of the 圣达菲 Community College in 圣达菲, NM. 的 program provides no-cost business consulting 和 low-cost business 培训 to entrepreneurs throughout the state. 战略性地位于新墨西哥州的26个社区, NMSBDC’s consultants bring over 773 years of combined small business management 和 ownership expertise 和 have helped to create more than 30,自NMSBDC成立以来,该州创造了000个工作岗位. Entrepreneurs have access to experts in everything from accounting to social media, 以及特许经营到电子商务. 欲了解更多信息,请访问

所有SBDC项目都在非歧视性的基础上向公众扩展. Language assistance services are available for limited 英语 proficient individuals with at least two weeks in advance notice. Reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities will be made if requested at least two weeks in advance. 通过与美国的合作协议提供部分资金.S. 中小企业管理局. 所有的意见, conclusions 和/or recommendations expressed are those of the author(s) 和 do not necessarily reflect the views of the 小企业管理局.

我想做个小生意. 我从哪里开始?

最好的开始就是找到你的 当地SBDC 直接联系他们. 有些中心是免费的 信息研讨会 for potential entrepreneurs that you can attend prior to meeting with a Business Advisor, 而其他人则让你先预约. 你的商业顾问将帮助你制定一份商业计划. 这项服务是免费和保密的.


绝对! We pride ourselves in helping small business owners who have already made the investment 和 commitment in New Mexico by jumping in 和 starting their own business. We can assist existing entrepreneurs with the challenges that they often face as they grow: financing an expansion, 重新设计业务和/或营销计划, 制定战略计划, 管理层重组等等!


SBDC不收取一对一的正规棋牌游戏排行榜费用. 然而,有时可能会有 培训 SBDC确实收取了合理的费用来弥补开支.


一般来说,给刚起步的小型企业的资助是非常少的. 有关赠款的信息可以获得 在这里 或通过 联邦家庭援助目录. 的 harsh reality is that 95% of businesses are financed through personal funds (savings, 朋友, 家庭).

WARNING: be leery of scams that claim that t在这里 are grants for small businesses 和 that they will provide the information to you for a fee. 请联系 州检察长办公室 或者与 商业改进局 关于这类组织的地位.



的 NMSBDC will help guide you step-by-step through all processes involved with your business. 下面是授权企业的一般步骤. (请联系你所在的城市, 小镇, 或者去县办事员办公室了解更多信息,或者去你的 当地SBDC).

  1. 选择一个 法律业务结构:个人独资, 合伙企业、有限责任公司或公司.
  2. Obtain a Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) through the Internal Revenue Service (国税局.政府),如果你的业务需要.
  3. 获取国家纳税人识别号(CRS-1) 新墨西哥州税收局
  4. 如果适用的话, request approval of business location (zoning) including home-based businesses from city, 小镇, 或县规划和分区办公室.
  5. 向市政府缴纳商业登记费,取得营业执照, 小镇, 或者是县办事员办公室.


商业计划是你创业成功的“路标”. A good business plan defines your business 和 the product 和 service that you are providing to meet the needs of your customers. It is a necessary tool in obtaining financing 和 assists you on starting 和 running a profitable business.


No. 的 SBDC will pair you with an experienced Business Advisor who will guide you through the “how-to” of writing your business plan. Your Business Advisor will give you advice on developing a comprehensive business plan, 项目现金流, 和资本要求. 他们会和你一对一的合作,让你的生意起步, 只要你能完成你的目标.


的 length of time it will take is dependent upon the amount of time you can dedicate to writing the plan on an ongoing basis.


This is a question that needs to be answered by you, the potential entrepreneur. 所有的事业都需要努力工作和决心, 所以,在你开始创业之前,研究你的想法是很重要的. 你的商业顾问将与你讨论你的想法, 协助你研究行业, 市场和趋势, 和 help you decide what business would be best for your particular talents 和 interests. 评估你的技能和市场是开始的好地方.


的 SBDC does not have any money to loan but your SBDC Business Advisor will suggest appropriate sources for financing. With a complete business plan you will potentially be able to apply for 小企业管理局 guaranteed loans 和 approach local investors 和 banks for capital. 了解更多关于小企业管理局担保贷款项目的信息 访问他们的网站.


做你的家庭作业. Before approaching a lender, get a copy of your credit report 和 make sure it is accurate. If t在这里 is anything you feel is inaccurate, correct it with the reporting agency. 如果有瑕疵——准备解释. Work with your SBDC Business Advisor to prepare a written business plan with credible financial 和 market data. 如果你已经在商业上站稳了脚跟, be prepared to provide two to three years of financial statements 和 tax returns. Underst和 that if you have a poor credit record or cannot demonstrate a personal investment 和 the ability to repay a loan, 你不会被认为是一个好的风险. 而不是现在申请贷款, you should work at maintaining good credit (timely 和 consistent payment of debt) for two years 和 then apply for a loan.

SBDC能告诉我是哪家银行吗, 律师, 会计或保险公司最适合我和我的业务?

因为SBDC和所有当地银行都有很强的合作关系, 律师, 会计师, 和 insurance companies we do not feel that we should recommend one over another. Although both the Society of Certified Public Accountants 和 State Bar offers referral services.



It is highly recommended that entrepreneurs seek both legal 和 accounting advice when starting 和 maintaining their own businesses. It is also important to maintain a strong relationship with both your banker 和 insurance agent.

How is the New Mexico Small Business Development Center (SBDC) different from the 中小企业管理局 (小企业管理局)?

的 New Mexico Small Business Development Center Network (NMSBDC) consists of 20 centers statewide. Our Certified Business Advisors provide expert, confidential advice to enterprising New Mexicans. SBDC提供个人正规棋牌游戏排行榜, 举办研讨会和培训课程, 发起人会议, 提供电子信息,亲自或通过电话, 和, 在一般情况下, 协助任何寻求关于经营小企业的建议的人. 对于附近的SBDC,请访问NMSBDC网站

小企业管理局 是联邦计划提供财政支持吗, 技术, 以及管理援助,以帮助美国人开始, 经营和发展他们的业务.

SBDC是小企业管理局资源合作伙伴和SBDC计划的管理员. 尽管小企业管理局赞助和管理SBDC项目, an important aspect of the program is its acceptance 和 financial support by state 和 local 政府ernments, 教育界和商界, 和私人基金会. Because these organizations desire to improve economic development through the growth of small businesses, they provide matching funds that frequently exceed the 小企业管理局 funds allocated to each SBDC.